Clarks Creek Baptist Church
an Independent Fundamental Church
"Where God's Truth is Taught and Proclaimed"

John 14:6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the father but by me.
Clarks Creek Baptist Church launched it's new website this week as planned. We hope this site will benefit those who are truly seeking and searching for help with Gods Holy Word. We also hope it will be a tool for Church Members to use to keep up with current events in the Church.
We know that many will not accept the site content but the purpose is not to debate , inflame or ignite those who do not believe the Truth. The intent is to put Bible Sound  material on line with the hope that some who may be in  darkness will find truth. If this site helps one person find truth then the cost is well worth it.

Also please remember this site will be an ongoing process and it will be updated each week. We encourage Church  members and non members alike to use it . 

We also welcome those in our area to join us for Bible study and Worship services. As of  now we are still in a small building but are looking to moving to a larger site as the Lord moves us forward and He sees fit.

The Lord has poured out his Blessing on us this year as we have seen our small congregation  outgrow it's current site. We have been Blessed to have seen many lost people come to the Lord and old relationships restored. We give God the Glory for what He is doing at Clarks Creek and we Pray He will continue to guide our way. 
May God Bless each of you as you search this site, 
In His Service
Bro Bobby
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